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What is a Reptile Survey?

A Reptile Survey will be carried out when development works may pose harm, injury or disturb reptiles. Your architect or Local Planning Authority may request this type of survey.

When can they be carried out?  

As reptiles’ surveys can only be carried out during the summer months with April, May and September being the optimal periods. Reptiles like to hibernate or become less active in the winter months but start to come out of hibernation and become more active from February to May.

How are the surveys carried out?

The surveys will be carried out by firstly doing a walkover survey of the site, this will highlight any hotspot areas that reptiles maybe using. Once a walkover survey has been completed a number of 1m² tiles (felt, carpet and corrugated metal) will be placed on the ground within suitable locations. Different tile types are used as they all heat up at different rates, this will attract different species to the different tiles.

What happens next?

Once the survey has been carried out a Reptile Survey Report will be put together highlighting the results of the survey, the impacts on reptiles and mitigation and compensation measures that may need to be followed.

Natural England – A Licence may be required from Natural England to legally disturb a protected reptile. 

Prices start from £295

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