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What is a GCN Survey? 

You are required to have GCN survey carried out if your development may harm, kill a GCN or destroy their habitats. If you have applied for Planning Permission, your Local Authority may request a GCN Survey.

When are GCN Surveys carried out? 

The surveys are carried out between the months of March and June. Four surveys are carried out to prove the absence/with an additional two to establish population size.

How is a survey carried out? 

There are different survey methods that are used to locate the presence or absence of GCN, these are;
Bottle Trapping, Torching, Netting, Fingertip Search, Egg searching, DNA testing and Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) surveys.  

What happens next? 

A GCN presence/absence report will be put together outlining the results of the surveys. If GCN have been located, then mitigation and compensation measures will be put in place. Depending on the impacts of the proposed development works a Natural England Development Licence may be required to disturb/relocate the newts.

What is a Natural England Development Licence? 

A Natural England Development Licence legally allows for GCN and their habitats to be disturbed and appropriate Mitigation and Compensation Measures to be implemented. The licence application can take up to 40 working days to processed by Natural England.

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