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What is a Badger Survey?

A Badger survey is carried out to established if badgers are present within a development site.

A walkover (this is can be done throughout the year, however optimal timings are within the winter months when the vegetation is low) of the site is carried out to locate any setts or evidence of badgers.  If evidence of badgers is found a Badger Survey Report will be put together and this will contain the location of the badger sett and any necessary mitigation and compensation measures.

Mitigation and Compensation Measures:  

If a development is going to impact on a badger sett, then mitigation and compensation measures will be required to prevent harm or stress from coming to the species. The measures may include; partial sett closer, sett closer, sett relocation (artificial sett) and heavy machinery avoidance measures.

Natural England Badger Licence: 

The interference of a Badger Sett must be carried out under a Natural England Licence as they are a protected species. The Natural England Licence process takes approximately 40 working days to be assessed. The Natural England Licences are only issued between 1st July to the 30th November.

Badger Surveys from: £295

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Badger Vaccination projects are being set up to help vaccinate badgers against Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB).

How is this done? 

A walkover of your land will be carried out to locate any setts or evidence of badgers. If found, badgers will be captured overnight in traps, before being treated with the vaccine the following morning and then released. Vaccinated badgers will be humanely marked, to ensure that it is not trapped again. The traps will be reset in the evening and the process of trapping and vaccinating badgers will be repeated on unmarked badgers, between the months of spring to autumn.

The vaccination area will be revisited for five continuous years to ensure the majority of the local population is vaccinated.

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