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What is a Bat Survey?

A Bat survey is carried out to see if bats are present within a building or a tree.

If bats are present, we then confirm the species and numbers of bats and design mitigation and compensation measures that are required for maintaining your environmental compliance for your development project.

The surveys are usually requested by Local Planning Authorises where impact on bats is possible. These surveys can also be carried out for reroofing works, restoration works, and tree maintenance.

Building and Tree Bat Roost Inspection Surveys (Daytime)

Survey Period: All Year Round.
Prices Start From £295.

This inspection includes a visit to the site of works and an external and internal inspection of the tree or building will be conducted by a Natural England Licenced Ecologist. Access to the loft space within a building will be required (if possible). After the inspection is completed a bat report will be put together with the findings. This report will outline the steps going forward (e.g. if bat activity surveys are required, or any mitigation and compensation measures that will need to be followed).
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Bat Activity Surveys
(Dusk/Dawn Emergence/Re-entry Surveys) 
Survey Period: May to September
Prices Start From £295

Bat Activity Surveys will be carried out when the building/tree has potential to house roosting bats. Activity surveys will be carried out to confirm if bats are roosting within a building/tree, the species of bats, number of bats and the entry point/s to the roost/s.

A Bat Activity Survey Report will be issued and will outline the findings. The report will also include what happens next. If bats are found, then mitigation and compensation measures will need to be followed and a Natural England Mitigation Licence may be required to disturb the bats and their roosts.  If bats are not found within the building/tree, then the report will state that no measures need to be followed and the proposed works can be carried out.

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Natural England Development Licence

A Natural England Development Licence is required when development projects are going to impact bats and their roosting sites.

Natural England is a Government body that protects England’s Nature and Landscapes and also issues licences to legally disturb protected species/habitats.

Once Bat Activity Surveys and the report has been issued to you, the next step would be to apply for a Natural England Licence. Planning Permission is required to acquire the licence.

The licence can take up to 40 working days once the application package is completed and sent off. Once the licence has been granted, works can be carried out within the hibernation months (1st October to 31st March).

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