Ecological Surveys for wildlife and habitats in relation to your development projects

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 Ecology, Bat and Bird Surveys for Development Projects across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and the UK 

Evolution Ecology Ltd specialises in carrying out wildlife surveys in relation to planning applications. We ensure that the sites are compliant with current wild habitats protection regulations in the UK. Wherever you have discovered, bats, birds, badgers or Japanese knotweed during your project, we can help. Our ecology reports use state of the art modern technology to assess the site. The methods and techniques used in our surveys provide accurate and detailed information about the natural life in the area. We are centrally located in Staffordshire where we have excellent access to all areas across the UK.

Ecology Surveys Services

Along with any land development project, there are serval key areas that need looking at before the building works can begin.

At Evolution Ecology Ltd we specialise in helping residential, commercial and existing development sites across the UK. The survey will provide you with all the information you need to know about the land on your site. The initial survey is a Preliminary Ecological Appraisals and a Phase 1 Habitat Report. This will determine the existence of specific wildlife like bats, birds and badgers inhabiting the site.

All members of our Staffordshire and Derbyshire based team have degree qualifications in ecology related subjects. They also have years of experience in the field. We hold the latest Natural England survey and mitigation licenses. 

Bat Surveys

We use a number of specialist techniques to asses wildlife inhabitation. Our equipment picks up high pitch bat calls. It is able to identify the species and monitor the sound in the recordings. Our services can be carried out in any location in the UK.

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Get in touch with our professional team about our competitive ecology survey and wildlife inspection prices starting from £295. Hourly, half day or full day rates available. We offer discounts for long or ongoing projects.