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What is a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)?

A PEA survey is carried out on a parcel of development land and identifies what fauna and flora species are present at the site.
The surveys can be carried out all year round, however the optimal survey period is April to October. 

Do I need one? 

A Habitat Survey is required when developing a piece of land, your architect may advise you on having one done, however your Local Planning Authority will request one. This is to ensure your development will have no negative impacts on any fauna and flora.

How are the surveys carried out?

A walkover of the site is carried out by the ecologist, the ecologist will take notes of their findings and will identify any fauna and flora species found.

What happens next?

A report will be drawn up detailing the ecologist findings, this report will tell you if any ecological provisions are required to followed or if further wildlife surveys need carried out.

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